Kids and Church Services

Am I going against my word? In the ABOUT page of this blog you will read that I do not want to weigh in on the (often heated) debate over the inclusion and involvement of kids in church services. There are many factors that influence this decision such as the size of the congregation, numbers and spread of ages of the kids, the availability of volunteer teachers and the venue (what facilities are there for a kids church service or Sunday School program, or even the ability to have all the adults and kids in the one room at the same time!). This often come before the varied biblical convictions and/or family preferences of those who have the power of decision over such matters. Given that any of the above factors could easily change, I think we should hold fast to a principle of kids/youth in church services and hold looser to the strategy. This allows the strategy to change in response to changing variables while still holding to the same principle.

I suggest the following as a principle for a church to adopt before deciding a strategy:

Discipling and equipping kids for membership – into God’s heavenly kingdom and into a locally gathered body (church).

As (God willing) a church grows/changes, it can then adjust its strategy accordingly.


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God’s Sovereignty v’s Our Kids Free Will

Who's in control

Who saves our kids – God or us? On the surface, there is really only one answer – God.

Underneath, however, there still lies a tension for most Christian parents. That tension goes something like this,

“I understand that God is sovereign and calls His elect into relationship with Him, made possible only through Jesus death and resurrection. I cannot save my kids. I want them to be saved, I pray for God’s mercy to be revealed to them, but I know it will not ultimately be up to my efforts. Does this mean I do nothing? If I leave my children to their free will I know they will choose for themselves every time. How will they ever know of Christ’s mercies if I do not tell them and lead them towards knowing God and being in a restored relationship with him? I have to do something!”

It comes down to an understanding of God’s sovereignty v’s free will. I found these words (and article) helpful:

So if you’re tempted to say that your choices don’t really matter because God’s in control, you’re ignoring that God is at work even in our choices. And if you’re tempted to be overwhelmed at the weight of human responsibility, remember, you’re not a demi-god whose autonomy extends beyond God’s will. He’s still in charge.

Derek Rishmawy in “God Doesn’t Play Soccer With You

Glorify God by doing what you know pleases Him and keep praying for His mercy to be revealed to them in His good time.