How will your Kids remember Easter?

Will it be chocolate, holidays, hunts for eggs or Jesus?

Chocolate and holidays and hunting for eggs are all good and fun things to do with your kids this Easter, but which will leave the lasting impression on your kids? I have no doubt that Jesus will get a mention in there too when you go to church, during your family bible readings and when the chocolate has caused such a sugar hit and selfish hoarding that “Easter isn’t all about chocolate, you know!” gets blurted out. Our kids are bombarded with bunnies, Easter eggs, sales, holidays, etc from school, their friends and TV commercials.

So, how can we as Christian parents make Easter about Jesus more than chocolate/holidays/fun? This is, after all, the reason He came to Earth – to die for our sins, conquer death by rising from the tomb and is now preparing a place for those who trust in Him in heaven! This is the gospel of Jesus, the climax of the bible and yet gets relegated to obscurity by the world we live in.

The way Jesus entered the world gets a two-day holiday, but the way He left it gets FOUR! Easter is a BIG DEAL for Christians! He died for our sake, we didn’t deserve it, we cannot earn it and without His sacrificial death we were destined for an eternity separated from our loving father in heaven. Easter is the crux (excuse the pun) of Christianity, if we leave its’ celebration to be over-awed by chocolate, holidays or anything else then we are not parenting for Christ’s sake and His name is not being glorified as He deserves.

How will YOU make sure Easter is about Jesus more than chocolate/holidays/fun?

I’d love to read your comments and ideas.


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