Secrets of being a GOOD family

Perfect Family Photo

The good family doesn’t stick out, their kids are well behaved (because they’ve been parented well), they have nice jobs and always send out Christmas cards. You’d love having this family over for anything – entertaining, birthday parties, car-pooling the kids to their activities, etc. It would come as no surprise to find out they went to church. Then again, I know plenty of families like this who have no interest in God and see no need for Jesus – they have nothing to be saved from – they’re good and they’re nice!

The danger for such a family, if they want to be gospel centred, is being acceptable to God. Raising nice children makes us look good as parents, but does not gain us brownie points with God. Well behaved children are liked and respected (and get good jobs) but are in danger of thinking this also makes them right with God. This type of Christian Parenting (having biblical morals & values) is actually Pharisaical Parenting.

Gospel parenting (christian parenting for Christ’s sake) doesn’t aim to please Jesus, it aims to teach Jesus. Godly parents don’t aim to lead like Jesus, rather lead their kids to Jesus. Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Samson, Samuel, King David, King Solomon & Saul (Paul the Apostle) are often held up as Godly men. They were certainly used by God in mighty ways but none were considered righteous by their actions. They were used by God to point to Jesus – His death and resurrection makes us right with God. His righteousness is given to us, He took our sin and He took our punishment for it!

Your salvation is not because of you or about you, it’s about Jesus, so let your parenting be about Jesus, point your kids towards Jesus and pray that Jesus’ perfection be accounted to them (because you know they’re not – right?) so you can stand side-by-side as brothers and sister in Christ when He returns.

Being good is good, being saved by Jesus is better – immeasurably, eternally!


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2 thoughts on “Secrets of being a GOOD family

  1. Yeah, but I don’t want to deny part of that… so rather than “Gospel parenting doesn’t aim to please Jesus” I’d want to say “Gospel parenting doesn’t JUST aim to please Jesus…”


    • A good distinction to make Dave, thanks for your comment.
      The goal of our actions/decision/etc should be to please Jesus. I was trying to tease out why we would want to please Him. Wanting to be seen as a good family, or trying to please Jesus so He would accept us, both miss what the gospel of Jesus is about.
      Aiming to, and telling this gospel, will please Jesus (He asked us to do it Matt 28).
      I know there are holes (pun intended) in this analogy so please don’t point them out (look where it is going) – when I want to avoid a pothole whilst driving, if I look at the pothole, I hit it. My goal is to miss the pothole, so I look to where I can go around it, and mostly do. Having a goal to please Jesus helps avoid the dangers of trying to please Him for the wrong reasons.


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